Sunday, January 05, 2014

All free courtesy of wal Mart.

I went to wal Mart today and walked out with all of this for free. No, I did not steal it. I price matched the Kraft dinner to super store where it was on sale for .50 each and then I had 4 coupons for buy 2 save 1.00. I then had 3 coupons for the scrubbing bubbles (save 4.00 when you buy 2) and they were on sale for 2.00 each. Lastly I had 2 coupons for the ziplock bags which were save 2.00 when you buy 2 and they were on sale for 1.00 each. See?  All free. 


Cup-o-Noodles said...
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Cup-o-Noodles said...

Where do you get coupons? Online? Newspaper (do you have to buy the newspaper first, though?) Free flyers somewhere?

-- Gil.